Blazor Talk “Look ma, no JS, it’s Blazor” code & slides

So, it was a blast, if you came to my talk on the .NET Zurich User Group, thanks for coming!

My slides and code are here:

The downloadable Code is a fork from Steve Sanderson’s code which I adapted to run on the latest bits.

Code (forked and modified):

The original can be found here:


Ah, in addition, the example in native UI with Blazor is covered in the following video:, in minute 55.30.

Also, from that same talk. I have the confidence than watching the talks from Steve Sanderson is a good way to keep yourself up to date with this quite interesting technology, so “Shall we?” 😉

PS: I did a PR with the three modifications but probably there will be no time to review or will be ignored 😉


Have fun!