Silverlight 2.0 Beta Backwards compatability problems

Recently, doing some updates and modifications to a Silverlight 1.0 AdverSite application, after installing the 2.0 beta, I found that the TextWrapping property doesn’t (by now) support the WrapWithOverflow value…

 I attach the error message for more detailed information:

 error with TextWrapping property

Also have found some strange clipping when some canvas or UI element gets out of the bounds, it doesn’t get rendered properly as it is hidden… and had some random errors and some properties didn’t get properly assigned…  By example I was creating some UI elements dynamically and they got rendered well but not in place…

I hope these issues get solved and corrected on the final version, as backwards compatibility is a very important thing that should be taken care of properly.

Ok, this is a Beta, but wanted to share my 2 cents.


Anyway great job with this technology, it is starting to look great 😀