Managed version (2.0) of the 1.0 Silverlight Media Quickstart

Hi, this is my humble Silverlight 1.1 version (oops, sorry, 2.0) of the Silverlight 1.0 media quickstart. As this is a thing I found it lacked from the 2.0 Quickstarts :P. Source code, even it is not too much is included, enjoy!

The link is this one for the stand alone version and this other for the Silverlight Streaming version.

Note that for the Silverlight Streaming version you will have to create an account and put your Silverlight Streaming Live Account Id in the CreateSilverlight() Javascript function.

This code was written for an article at a magazine we here at Spain adore, DotNetMania and if you want to get a detailed explanation of this “Quickstart” version, I reccommend you to access the magazine’s website and suscribe to it (or buy the number), as I will not provide further support for it than just the download, sorry.

Anyway, it’s a great magazine and I’m honored to be able to write at it 🙂

Oops, forgot to put the code 😛 Here it is