Mobility days sessions & demos

Hi, first things first, thanks so much to the organizers & sponsors of the Mobilitydays event ( for celebrating such great and interesting event.

Second, as promised, here are the slides & demos with full code.

First, the slides:

Developing WP7 Applications with Silverlight –

Developing WP7 Games with Silverlight –

And do not forget to check the demos, all together in a single compressed file for your ease.

Thanks & Have fun!!

Speaking! MobilityDays!! TechEd Europe 2010!!!

Well this is one of the moments that one of you that loves to code, design, speak & share enjoys the most, when other fellows ask you to help them share knowledge 🙂

First of all, thanks to the magnificient team of professionals that is managing both events and I’m extremely glad to have been chosen as speaker for “first time” at these great events. My thanks!

First things first, MobilityDays is happening the Day after tomorrow.. on 23th of September, in Zagreb, Croatia, to the East of Europe. But do not worry, you can assist without having to book a flight! Sesssions will be broadcasted through live meeting :).

There, I’ll be speaking on two sessions : “Developing Windows Phone applications with Silverlight” and “Building games forWindows Phone with Silverlight”. Sessions will be in english.

So, what are you waiting for, go and register : (update: it’s free for MVP’s and INETA User Group Leaders) and well, there are a lot of very good speakers there – apart from me, the “newbie” I mean 😉 – Joking!!  I expect to make a pretty entertaining and insightful sessions and I hope you enjoy them :).

Also, I’ve been selected to speak at TechEd Europe 2010 conference, so can’t be happier.

I know this deserves a “post apart” and it will have it definitely – let me finish this week and I’ll be back with more details regarding the session that, for starters, will focus on the 3D (2.5D & 3D) capabilities of Silverlight, on a very intense practical session, going from the basis to creating awesome – and I mean that – 3D interactive interfaces in Silverlight. More about this later…

By now, if you haven’t registered, don’t think more, go to and register before tickets run out!!

Have fun!

Slides and demos of my talk at KulenDayz..

Thank you KulenDayz!

I am very thankful to have went to the famous european Event KulenDayz, name that comes with the game of mixing Cool Days and the famous “Kulen”, a great famous spicy food which is also, the logo of  the event, which can be seen next:

Kulen Dayz

There I was very happy to be able to provide an introduction to the new Silverlight version, 3.0, which will see the light in short time, the 10th of July.

As promised, here are my slides and the demos I showcased there. Note that I took off the videos in order to make the demos as small as possible.

I’ll be glad to answer any question regarding the slides or the demos.

And, as for the event, I’ll try to make a post in short, but, for now, here are some images I took there:

Hope you enjoyed the session 🙂