This is a blog that pretends to be of use and a point of interaction and learning, where I’ll try to write about my personal and professional development experiences on some areas that engage me, either technical or not 😉 as well as the challenges I am taking to move forward in my own way.

And about me, I am a software engineer with an MBA and insatiable curiosity and need for exploring new topics, I like fitness and hacking everything, mostly code and also, myself.

I do pretend to share my passion(s) and insights and hope to motivate and help you with my journey 😉

Thanks for being here!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Mr. Administrator… I’m interested about Silverlight technology. I’ll be glad to see decent and useful tutorials for ex Flash newbees…

    I hope I could find such tutorials in your site. I’ll com back again the next weekend looking for a good “alpha channel” monographic. I’ve been searching for this topic in forums and blogs without luk.

    These alpha channels are the ones we’ve used for years in de venerable old Flash to get beautifull effects…


  2. Hi Edu, will try to add a small “first application” that would be useful to all and then some extensions and techniques, I’m not a designer but will try to see this point of the alpha channel… can you explain a little bit more what this alpha channel is about? I know that it’s an effect of transparency that let’s view other layers, like a focus.. is it?


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