It’s been a while…

Yup, since 2013 I haven’t blogged at all… nothing… I guess I gave it all to my book and needed some rest… just joking, moved in late 2012 to Switzerland and it has been an intense ride…

..and with a 2:30h commute, so that did not help too much…

So, I ended up in the end of 2015 with 94,5 kg (with 1.77m tall) so was, in fact obese, and with some health issues, stress, wrong habits, etc…

Basically “not having time”… which is wrong – you have time, 24 hours a day. We just prioritize it wrong. And justify ourselves, that is..

2016 was a game changer, I said stop and put myself to work. April 4th I was 76 Kg (same height though) and somewhat fitter… Hey, I even got into the 20 finalists at the 12 week 250K USD transformation contest! (no price was won though.. I won back health – Yay!)

As of today, jumping up and down in weight around 80-84, but that will change in short..

Professionally, I have had some fun, initially mostly fixing code and putting in place proper architecture practices (and implementing them hands on) and when I was tired of fixing and fixing and fixing…. I went into the realm of testing as “Performance Test Lead…” And loved that! Doing something I never did forced me to learn fast, applying business analysis and planning skills for defining the Performance Test architecture and why not, also the test architecture and implement it in a POC šŸ˜‰

That was a great experience and enjoyed it, made me better so now I can think as a developer and as a tester… from a low level (coder, tester) and a high level (SW architect, Test Manager) but retaining the ability to go deep – which I enjoy. (you know, the ability to affect the quality of a product that much… and even in earlier stages – if you are allowed to – is a great feeling šŸ™‚

If I had to describe myself right now I’d say I’m a Dev Architect with the ability to see things from a high level, system perspective, to a low level. From a “gamer” pov I’d say I am a sniper that can zoom from afar and aim to the weakest point – and get “the shot”.

After this, shortly entered 2016 I entered commando mode and that broke my recently acquired healthy habits, Dammn! Had up to 4 assignemnts on 2016.. to adventure myself in unknown “code pools” – going to teams to fix issues they were not able to… in their own code or an intriguing “piece of art” whose DAL was executing transactions in a funny way or let’s say they just were “not behaving as expected”…

Later on 2016 joined the CoreLab team as Test Analyst & SW engineer

By the end of 2016 I started learning Machine Learning,which helped me greatly to focus and realize how much I like to get “engaged” in learning a technology or topic (even this one is pretty wide…).

I truly believe that Machine Learning / Data Science and AI Programing are a key toolset, a game changer technology and knowledge that if applied properly can change our world for good. Also for bad sadly, as a weapons race seems to have already started

but that is the topic of another post šŸ˜‰


Thank you for reading and let’s meet again shortly…





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