Slowing down at KulenDayz

A few weeks ago I had the fabulous chance to attend again at KulenDayz as a Speaker, with the topic of .NET 4.5 Asynchrony. It also happened to coincide with the MVP Summit for CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) so I ended up attending both events thanks to the organizers mainly Bernard Katic and Alessandro Teglia (if you want to know more, check and )

First things first, a big thank-you to the event organizer Bernard Katic and, regarding the MVP side, thanks Alessandro!!!

It was such a great event which is based on slowing down – ironically the contrary of what we do when we attend a conference, as we end up running from one session to another – it was fabulous to see good friends and such an outstanding and vibrant community, seeing good friends, like Tomislav Bronzin, Dobrisa Adamec, Damir Dobric, Bernard Katic, Maja Janic, Alessandro Teglia, Tibi, Catalin, Domagoj, the great Tobiasz!, and much more people that I was surprised to meet there, like Andras Velvart and his wife. Was great meeting all of you guys!!

Well, I also happened to give a session which went pretty well and received a lot of questions and good feedback & congratulations at the end , from some MVP’s and also from some students who were there so I am really happy, as a speaker and as a Toastmaster.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Sandra Saenz, my girlfriend who helped me review and improve the slides and presentation  and to Marion Chevalier, a good friend and excellent toastmaster & speaker who helped me polishing the presentation slides and the session outline. Thank you girls!!

Oh yes, also there were slides and code and here they are!!



I also promised to give the “recipe” of my cookbook which relates to Async and Await, and here it is too.

The Async/Await recipe:

You can get all of this directly from the SkyDrive Kulendayz folder here

Additionally In the next week I expect to put a post of more advanced examples regarding Async/Await and the usage of its combinators. I will put also an example of using asynchronous web services as it is curious to see this behaving the same exact way but with web services. To mention that this is now the preferred way of implementing asynchronous web services, with the TAP (Task Asynchronous Pattern).

Have fun!

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