A new life

Yes, I have been pretty much silent for the latest months, so first things first, sorry for this!!

Second, I had a very important reason as I was offered quite a change in my life, I’ve recently joined the Accenture team in Switzerland to come to Zurich for working for Roche Diagnostics.

I just can say that I am extremely happy, the people here is simply amazing, amazing developers, project managers and also really interesting projects that, without being able to speak anything about them I can tell you clearly that is outstanding and is using the latest of the latest in technology, both in medical and development.

Also here the development quality is highly valued, so everything is done well, very well.

It’s highly satisfying being here, also there are challenges, a healthy culture of recognizing quality work and talent so I can truly say that I should have done this before. I am having great times and becoming an even better professional thanks to my colleagues in Roche.

Thank you guys, I am really enjoying being here with you.

Oh, and for those who might be interested, give me a touch. We are hiring… 😉

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