Silverlight MVP

Wow, got it! for me this 3 previous MVP years have been great but now starting this 2011 it is even better.

I just became a Silverlight MVP so… I feel great!

This video relates how I do feel… very clearly 😉

Thanks Microsoft for these MVP years. A billion more thanks for this Silverlight MVP.

And yes, like in the video, I setup my company after this. Well I was already on that so it just was “the right moment”.

If you are interested, go and say “hi” to Brainsiders,, it’s focused on User Interfaces, User eXperience, usability, design, training, mentoring and architecting & developing / co-developing rich applications for Web, Desktop and Mobile & other devices.
We are also doing pretty interesting business applications for a big spanish company and also some interesting web application that will leverage Silverlight capabilities and provide incredible usability to a key provider in the industry over its competitors (not yet finished but it will be in one month and a half or less).

What better thanks than to dedicate your business life to the technology you love? 🙂

Silverlight power!!

3 thoughts on “Silverlight MVP

    1. Good to hear i’m in exactly the same boat as you! But, the way I look at it the way a .NET devleoper needs to integrate him or herself into the mac mix, is not simply by re-learning everything in the context of obj-c and xcode, but by utilizing the current .NET tools (Mono/MonoMac/MonoTouch), and finding new ways to use .NET on the mac. I’d like to think that the reason why we’ve drifted towards C#,.NET, Mono and whatever is not simply because we’ve used Windows, but rather that it’s just plainly a superior development platform (to Java/Obj-C). And as new Mac devleopers what we need to be is evangelists of our Smalltalk/C++-like OO-model, our CLI, XAML, LINQ, WCF, etc…. and not simply develop Mac Apps, but contribute to say Mono, bringing our wonderful world to the Mac development community which has suffered for way too long. Good luck one day, I hope to be reading MVVM for Macs by Josh Smith on my iPad .


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