A new Brand Silverlight contest – Ball Watch Silverlight Contest

Hey, we love contests and Microsoft knows that. Oh yeah!

What could be better for Silverlight developers & designers than to sharpen their skills while learning the newest tool on the town for showing off their skills… with the goal of winning a fabulous Watch that silently says “Hey I’m a great Silverlight professional” don’t you think that would be great?

The prize watch is the following one, the Engineer Hydrocarbon TMT Watch (retail value $3,399 – wow!)

Well, Microsoft has offered the market this great contest, which you can learn more here http://expression.microsoft.com/es-es/ff714455%28en-us%29.aspx?ocid=ballwatch-ms and here: http://expression.microsoft.com/es-es/ff723792%28en-us%29.aspx.

The only think I’d like to ask is if you could open this contest overseas, I love to participate in contests and I know you respond to feedback :).

So, would you kindly mind making this contest global?

Thanks from the Sunny western-European sunny Spain 🙂 !!

One thought on “A new Brand Silverlight contest – Ball Watch Silverlight Contest

  1. I’m a Silverlighter from Europe… could I send my Ball proposal, even out of contest?. The challenge to render the watch in all their details with Silverlight is inspirational enough to try it, even without the price!.



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