Dynamic Backgrounds

As this is a era of new user experiences, I’ve created a codeplex project to gather different user experience experiments with the target of offering an interactive background to the user, one that interacts with his mouse movements and enhances the experience without being too captivating not to get the user’s attentino for the whole website experience..

The main idea of this project is to keep adding clear implementation of these background techniques. By now there is only one which is a parallax multi-layer background that allows us to provide different elements across multiple randomly dynamically generated layers, it moves the layers more or less depending on how far away they are from the monitor so it provides a interesting depth feeling.

I used this for the Inetians contest and also other websites, some of them did not see the light 😦 – it was a 2nd silverlight contest in the shape of http://silverlightchallenge.eu/ but this time for the world, but the bad timing (the crysis) helped it not to become a reality… now we’re flooeded by contests so it doesn’t make sense – if you think it would make sense having a worldwide contest and make a big buzz, just let me know as this is a matter of looking for sponsors… everything else is written down 😉 – you can get a glimpse here http://silverlightchallenge.ineta.org/ but I do not assure it will be working tomorrow, I’ve advised… please take in account it’s a work in progress and left unattended.. my apologies for that

There is other site that is using this approach in an evolved way, with more powerful algorythms with a star theme, with randonmly generated star shapes and a better mouse-driven animation, but it’s still to be finished and published 😛 – I can’t talk!!! or some company that starts with “M” and ends with “t”  will cut my tongue or worse…

Please, download the code and let me know what do you think… it is hosted at codeplex; http://dynamicbackgrounds.codeplex.com/

Have fun

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