Slides and demos of my talk at KulenDayz..

Thank you KulenDayz!

I am very thankful to have went to the famous european Event KulenDayz, name that comes with the game of mixing Cool Days and the famous “Kulen”, a great famous spicy food which is also, the logo of  the event, which can be seen next:

Kulen Dayz

There I was very happy to be able to provide an introduction to the new Silverlight version, 3.0, which will see the light in short time, the 10th of July.

As promised, here are my slides and the demos I showcased there. Note that I took off the videos in order to make the demos as small as possible.

I’ll be glad to answer any question regarding the slides or the demos.

And, as for the event, I’ll try to make a post in short, but, for now, here are some images I took there:

Hope you enjoyed the session 🙂

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