www.houssesandcovers.com is live :)

And it’s a new brand Silverlight 2.0 only website ..

Only to share this simple website that I have done completely with Silverlight 2.0, http://www.houssesandcovers.com/

On it I have used some very interesting open source libraries, AgTweener (http://agtweener.codeplex.com/), nice library for implementing animations and ARLayout (http://arlayout.codeplex.com/) this is to make the layout absolutely adaptable and resizeable to the browser’s size –  Try to change the browsers size and see what I mean –

Also, I’ve used some snippets of code from very interesting sites, making a special mention to the samples from Terence Tsang’s Shinedraw website  (see http://www.shinedraw.com/), and also some example from the Silverlight Gallery which I have adapted for doing the image gallery.

The design is also mine, so feel free to make recommendations and suggestions.. 😛

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