A 3D control for a 3D world…

Well, this is a simple technique that will allow us to move a 3D mesh in a 3D environment.. ¡¡with a wiimote!!

Have to say that this is ideal to control models that represent high density data, like 3D graphs and it is very easy to adapt to other possibilities… maybe we are in a beautifully expanding world that unifies WPF with 3D in a growing virtual world??

I don’t have any other desire that being there… 😀 so do expect more similar entries…

And like sharing is the rule, , here is the code. It lacks some features I thought of and want to ad a lot more, but by now it Works :^) and that is something. For making it to work you will need a wiimote… – If anybody wants to give me a 3D mouse I’ll try to do the same with 3degrees of freedom (do you hear logitech?) And it would be great to have something more precise and with movemoents on the 3 edges…

Ah, it uses Brian Peek’s Managed wiimote library to talk with the wiimote, Thanks Brian!!!

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